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Counterfeiting carries heavy consequences

Before you purchase a high-end item, such as gems, artwork or electronics, you may take steps to ensure the item is authentic and not a cheap imitation. You may have the item appraised or inspected by someone who recognizes a fraud before you hand over a significant amount of money. You may simply accept the documentation that verifies the authenticity of the item. However, what happens if the documentation is fake?

Gamble v. United States: Dual-Sovereignty Doctrine is Upheld

On June 17, 2019, the U.S. Supreme Court, in Gamble v. United States, refused to overturn the longstanding dual-sovereignty doctrine, an exception to the Constitution's double jeopardy clause, which allows a state to prosecute a defendant under state law even if the federal government has prosecuted the defendant for the same offense under federal law. The 7-2 ruling rejected a challenge to the dual-sovereignty doctrine by Terance Gamble, an Alabama man who was convicted and sentenced in state and federal prosecutions for the same offense - felon in possession of a firearm. Under both state and federal law, a felon may not possess a firearm.

The role of the grand jury in your case

You may be well aware of your rights when it comes to defending yourself against criminal allegations. Among others, you have the right to an attorney, the right to face your accuser and the right to examine the evidence against you. However, there are certain phases of the criminal process when it may seem that the system is violating your rights.

States struggle to pinpoint charges in college admissions scandal

Outrage rippled across the country this month when news broke that wealthy, and in some cases, famous, parents were allegedly bribing school officials to admit their children into prestigious universities. Many of these parents are now facing criminal charges, but prosecutors in several states are struggling to pin down a strategy that will lead to convictions of conspiracy to commit mail or wire fraud.

What is the grand jury process in a criminal case?

A grand jury, which can consist of 16 to 23 people, does not decide issues of guilt or punishment. Rather, it decides whether the government should initiate an indictment or criminal charges against a particular defendant. Grand juries are used in cases of serious felonies and can be held at both the state or federal levels.

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