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Counterfeiting carries heavy consequences

Before you purchase a high-end item, such as gems, artwork or electronics, you may take steps to ensure the item is authentic and not a cheap imitation. You may have the item appraised or inspected by someone who recognizes a fraud before you hand over a significant amount of money. You may simply accept the documentation that verifies the authenticity of the item. However, what happens if the documentation is fake?

Money laundering considerations, consequences in Texas

Laws addressing the crime of money laundering are both diverse and complex. We duly note on our website at the long-tenured Houston criminal defense law firm of Hilder & Associates that “money laundering charges are complicated to prove and vary by court and judge.”

Questions, uncertainty can attach to an embezzlement allegation

White collar criminal activity that is alleged in Texas or elsewhere covers a lot of ground, making each case -- and every defendant -- distinctly different. High-profile matters often relate to subjects such as Ponzi schemes, insider market trading, drug trafficking and large-scale bribery, but they just as often involve far more pedestrian matters.

History, current developments surrounding asset forfeiture in Texas

The securing of citizens’ legally secured property rights has been a cornerstone of American history since the country’s inception. References to property and its safeguarding are liberally cited in the U.S. Constitution, and countless court cases have centered on property protections.

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