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Compounding Interest in Healthcare Fraud

Whether it is TRICARE, Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance, regular reports from news outlets and press releases from the Department of Justice reveal that compounding pharmaceutical fraud is on the rise and likely to remain a focus of law enforcement for the foreseeable future.

Common types of health care fraud

When people think of white collar crime, they often think of giant embezzlement schemes, computer fraud or even insider trading. Another type of white collar crime is health care fraud. In some cases, health care providers, such as doctors, file fraudulent insurance claims on patients in order to collect more income. In other cases, individual health care consumers commit health care fraud.

6 points to consider regarding healthcare fraud

Healthcare fraud charges are very serious. These charges often come after lengthy and comprehensive investigations. People who are facing healthcare fraud charges must be ready to work hard on a defense. While this won't guarantee you a positive result, it does give you the best chance possible to have an outcome with minimized impacts on your life. Consider these points if you are facing charges for healthcare fraud. 

Government Prosecution of Physicians Continues in Dallas

A federal indictment has been unsealed alleging kickbacks and bribes of $40 Million in exchange for patient referrals at Forest Park Medical Center ("FPMC") in Dallas. Physicians, surgeons, executives, and others affiliated with FPMC have been charged. In all, 21 were indicted. The Government further alleges that as a result of the bribes, kickbacks, and other inducements, from 2009 to 2013, FPMC billed such patients' insurance plans and governmental programs, including Medicare and Medicaid, well over half a billion dollars and collected over $200 million in claims.

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