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Are corporate officers immune from personal criminal liability?

A standard answer to the above blog headline is that, yes, executives in a corporation are usually immune from civil and criminal actions that posit wrongdoing and third-party damages (e.g., to consumers or a government entity).

Considerations relevant to the crime of bribery

Bribery is a criminal offense that even many children understand at a fundamental level. I give something to you to solicit preferential treatment that wouldn’t otherwise be forthcoming. Or, alternatively, I receive something of value from you to confer some special privilege upon you.

New software to help companies fight financial fraud

Senzig, an IBM spinoff business, has created a new software product that allows companies to fight fraud, locate internal threats and identify external vulnerabilities that may affect their systems. The product uses artificial intelligence to scan large amounts of corporate data and ferret out issues. The analysis also reveals things like who is accessing a company's data and whether the company is in federal compliance.

Defending yourself against white collar crime allegations

When you earn a high income, there is always a risk that someone will accuse you of crimes just because you're successful. There is the potential for people to accuse you of corruption or of accepting bribes due to your place in a company or the government.

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