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Support for the ‘Lone Ranger’

Published September 26, 2007 Houston Chronicle

“The role of the whistle blower is critical because it keeps corporations and management in line and accountable to shareholders,” said Philip Hilder who represented Menendez early in this case. “Whistle blowers are the first line of defense in discovering frauds. Management in corporations should embrace them.”

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“The Collapse of Enron”: A Famous Case as Told by Philip H. Hilder

Published: Texas Justice

Attorney Philip H. Hilder describes his role and experience with one of the most infamous cases in US History. The Enron collapse. As the attorney for Enron Whistleblower Sherron Watkins, Mr. Hilder gives his unique prospective on the congressional hearings, the media frenzy, and the way American business was changed forever.

Five Questions With Philip Hilder: Lawyer works as a guide through uncertain times.

Published: Moneymakers Section, Houston Chronicle

Corporate employees who know trouble’s brewing, think they are innocent and don’t trust the company lawyer, often hire their own criminal attorneys, and in Houston, it’s often Philip Hilder.