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Goldman Sachs under harsh regulatory glare in financial scandal

Was Goldman Sachs complicit in the alleged criminal wrongdoing of ex-executives or merely a bit sloppy in establishing sufficient internal controls to routinely keep high-ranking employees lawfully in check?

That is the key question spotlighted in a high-profile investigation of one of the world’s leading financial firms. A recent Bloomberg article stresses that the company “could be in big trouble” if Federal Reserve investigators uncover information that reasonably points to unlawful conduct committed by the firm in overseas dealings.

Fed’s 2018 fiscal year: a stellar period for SEC whistleblowers

The incentive has certainly existed for whistleblowers to report securities fraud since the inception of the federal Dodd-Frank Act several years ago.

We note on our website at the law firm of Hilder & Associates in Houston that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s whistleblower program rewards individuals with sizable money awards in select cases. Those persons can receive up to 30% of all the money recovered by regulators in fraud-linked matters where at least $1 million in fines is clawed back from offenders

Feds’ financial crimes probes center on high conviction rates

We note on our website at the established Hilder & Associates criminal defense firm in Houston what is almost a truism these days regarding financial crimes.

That is this: Such offenses “garner big headlines in the media.”

Bexar County judge sticks with jury verdict in large fraud case

What a mess, replete with conflicting stories, high-value damage figures and complex intellectual properties to boot.

Still, San Francisco-based real estate valuation company HouseCanary (which has a San Antonio office) is happy with the court-developed results in its running battle with the Michigan company Amrock. That entity provides title insurance, valuation and closing services to homebuyers.

The NSA and whistleblowers: not exactly an intuitive match

We pose this question to our readers today concerning a centrally powerful federal agency: Do you automatically think of candor, an open information flow and public access to key data in any discussion focused upon the United States National Security Agency?

We didn’t think so. A recent media report on the NSA notes that the nation’s preeminent security arm “specializes in eavesdropping.” Agency author/expert James Bamford says that the NSA “has always been the most secret agency in the United States.”

Philip Hilder Named to Top Peer-Reviewed Lawyer Lists in White-Collar Defense and Commercial Litigation

HOUSTON - Nationally recognized Houston lawyer Philip Hilder is being recognized in the 2019 edition of The Best Lawyers in America for both his commercial litigation and white-collar defense work. He is also on the just-released 2018 list of Texas Super Lawyers.

Feds announce notable bitcoin-linked fraud outcome

The federal Commodity Futures Trading Commission is clearly sounding its horn a bit via comments it recently put forward concerning a fraud-related action. The CFTC spotlighted earlier this month its first-ever anti-fraud enforcement action targeting the virtual currency Bitcoin.

Although not at the pinnacle of fraud outcomes in terms of magnitude or the penalties featuring in the case, the just-concluded civil action against investment company Gelfman Blueprint, Inc., is justifiably notable for its Bitcoin-aimed focus.

New bill would penalize retaliation against whistleblowers

Security clearances are crucial for protecting sensitive information. However, the secrecy and cachet of these clearances can also contribute to coverups or exacerbate certain violations. When someone with a job that requires security clearance reports wrongdoing, employers on occasion have retaliated by revoking the whistleblower's clearance. However, a new bill introduced in Congress seeks to prevent and penalize this retaliation.

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