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Some misconceptions re white collar crime in Texas, nationally

The term “white collar crime” is certainly spotlighted with some frequency in Texas and national media stories, isn’t it? That singular sphere in the criminal law realm has garnered a seeming public fascination in recent years.

The category has assumed a sort of mythical character at the same time, though, which owes greatly to a lack of public clarity concerning its essentials.

How your Texas professional license can come under scrutiny

A central point to note about white collar probes alleging wrongdoing is that they can be authored by multiple agencies and enforcement groups.

It is not uncommon, for example, for a Texas resident targeted in a fraud matter to be closely surveilled by both civil regulators and criminal justice officials. A U.S. Securities Exchange Commission investigatory arm might be intimately focused on an alleged wrongdoer suspected of Medicare-linked misconduct, with U.S. Department of Justice agents closely probing the same matter. State civil and/or criminal officials might additionally be tracking the same person as well.

Feds Charge Dozens in Billion Dollar Healtchcare Fraud Scheme

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Medicare Fraud has long been a target of federal healthcare fraud prosecutors and news broke yesterday that they have filed charges against what may be one of the largest schemes ever charged.

“Money Doctor” took – and kept – Texas investors’ contributions

Ultimately, the “Money Doctor” bestowed financial harm, not promised riches, on investors.

Those individuals were beguiled in droves for more than a handful of years by William Neil “Doc” Gallagher, whose steady on-air pitches convinced them to confidently hand over their assets.

Houston jury convicts Texas MD, co-defendant in medical fraud case

The white collar crime universe is both broad and varied. We have stressed that point to readers across Texas and elsewhere in prior blog posts and on our website.

We note on a relevant practice page at Hilder Law Firm that our Houston criminal defense attorneys routinely provide proven and aggressive representation against “a wide variety of allegations” in this highly targeted realm.

Will appointment of new DOJ AG bring major whistleblowing changes?

All eyes in the False Claims Act whistleblower world are on William Barr.

And for good reason. Barr is now the highest legal authority in the U.S. Department of Justice, and he is hardly a blank slate when it comes to his expressed views concerning the federal government’s criminal whistleblower program.

AI tools increasingly at the fore in medical fraud probes

We noted what is almost a truism in the criminal law realm these days in our immediately preceding blog post, namely, that health care fraud is a top-tier agenda item. We stated in our Hilder & Associates February 19 entry that it “stands out like Godzilla in the sights of state and federal regulators and law enforcers.”

That heightened scrutiny obviously has dramatic implications for individuals and corporate entities accused of fraud-linked misbehavior. In fact, high numbers of medical industry participants (doctors, nurses, lab techs, sales reps, billers and more) routinely face criminal charges filed by Texas and/or federal officials.

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