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Whistleblowing programs hand down record awards

For the last year, turmoil in both the political and professional world has led to fears in many consumers and investors over how effectively regulatory agencies might enforce laws. Fortunately, when it comes to agencies enforcing whistleblower protections and compensation, enforcement appears stronger than ever.

Both the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) recently awarded record sums in the multi-millions to whistleblowers, far surpassing many previous awards. While these programs are relatively new, both put in place under the 2010 Dodd Frank Act, the nature of recent payouts indicates that whistleblowers can still expect strong protection under the law.

Mexican state alleges ex-governor bought Houston-area homes with stolen money

Philip Hilder was quoted regarding a civil forfeiture case involving the Mexican state of Veracruz and the state's now-jailed former governor, Javier Duarte Ochoa. Hilder & Associates handles both civil and criminal forfeiture cases. 

Judge to ex-gymnastics doctor: 'I just signed your death warrant'

Philip Hilder was quoted regarding the upcoming investigation into the US training center outside of Houston. Hilder & Associates has the knowledge and experience to guide clients through investigations both criminal and civil.

Fraud story involves Medicare bilking and whistleblower involvement

There are multiple takeaways in the wake of a recent conclusion to a federal fraud case. These two stand out as especially prominent:

  • Fraud probes in the Medicare area can yield recoveries that truly sting for defendants and the companies they own or operate; and
  • Remuneration for a whistleblower who first files a fraud lawsuit on behalf of the government can be impressively large

False Claims Act litigation yields penalty for defense company

We referenced so-called "qui tam" lawsuits (cases filed by plaintiffs on behalf of both those individuals and the government) under the U.S. False Claims Act in a prior blog post. We noted in our January 24 entry that such claims, which target fraud against the federal government, apply to "a gamut of schemes" focused upon all manner of industries and concerns.

One of those is the military, a sector where fraud can have obviously outsized adverse effects if not timely spotted and stopped.

Pharmaceutical fraud: the importance of qui tam whistleblower suits

Fraud committed by bad-faith actors against Texas and national taxpayers runs a gamut of schemes that entail the purposeful fleecing of federal agencies and other entities.

We know that many readers of our criminal defense blog at Houston-based Hilder & Associates, P.C., often hear, for example, of massive health care-linked fraud targeting programs like Medicare and Medicaid. Other types of government fraud involve contracts/bidding, the military, energy concerns and the financial industry.

Identity theft: 3 facts to know

You were on a computer placing an order when you heard a knock on the door. Moments later, you found yourself being accused of stealing someone else's information to make your purchases.

You only input information you had been given for your purchase, but you're facing allegations of stealing that information for your own personal gain. While you may be able to resolve the problem with a call to the party who had lent you their account information, it's not always that easy. Identity theft is handled very seriously in the United States because of its potential to ruin someone's finances.

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