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The heavy penalties of a counterfeit goods trafficking conviction

Counterfeit goods comprise what one online overview of the subject matter terms a “major industry.”

Given the consumer focus of American economic life and the country’s vast buying market, the United States has unsurprisingly been a globally predominant locale for the sale and purchase of counterfeit goods.

Factors that can lead to white-collar crime

Many people who commit white collar crimes are employees who are known for their hard work ethic and success. That's part of what makes white collar crime so difficult to predict.

How do these people get wrapped up in illegal activities? Here are a few factors that can lead someone down that path:

Compounding Interest in Healthcare Fraud

Whether it is TRICARE, Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance, regular reports from news outlets and press releases from the Department of Justice reveal that compounding pharmaceutical fraud is on the rise and likely to remain a focus of law enforcement for the foreseeable future.

Whistleblowers play central role in pharmacy fraud recovery

Businesses love catchy slogans, and Walgreens had a memorable one for many years. The iconic national pharmacy chain -- in business for well over a century – long reminded customers visiting company stores that they were “at the corner of happy and healthy.”

Some customer undoubtedly disagreed with that assessment in recent years, as they were forced to purchase diabetic insulin pens in quantities exceeding what they needed. Moreover, they were routinely shorted on promised lower prices owing to company officials’ purposeful failure to disclose their availability under a touted discount program.

DOJ touts huge fraud takedowns in Texas, nationally during 2018

A wealth of empirical data underscores the sharp degree to which federal regulators and law enforcers are focused upon government-directed fraud.

And what is especially notable about that laser-like attention is just how specifically it targets alleged criminal wrongdoing in the health care sphere.

Whistleblowers’ role looms large in False Claims Act fraud cases

How prominent is the role played by individual whistleblowers in money recoveries targeting fraud committed against the United States?

Truly, its magnitude can hardly be overstated. Relevant statistics flatly show that government recoveries in fraud cases brought under the federal False Claims Act would be materially diminished without the active and ongoing involvement of whistleblowers.

Questions, uncertainty can attach to an embezzlement allegation

White collar criminal activity that is alleged in Texas or elsewhere covers a lot of ground, making each case -- and every defendant -- distinctly different. High-profile matters often relate to subjects such as Ponzi schemes, insider market trading, drug trafficking and large-scale bribery, but they just as often involve far more pedestrian matters.

Take embezzlement, for instance. Many readers of our Houston criminal defense blog at Hilder & Associates might reasonably associate that with a high-level taking of corporate funds by an individual or team of inside principals.

Do you know the signs of Medicaid fraud?

Hospitals are busy places and mistakes can happen to any doctor. However, if a hospital or doctor exhibits a pattern of administrative errors, it could be an attempt to get more money from Medicare or Medicaid.

If you know the signs of Medicare or Medicaid fraud, reporting it can save taxpayers millions and lead to a whistleblower reward for you under the False Claims Act. Here are potential signs a hospital or doctor is willfully engaging in fraud:

History, current developments surrounding asset forfeiture in Texas

The securing of citizens’ legally secured property rights has been a cornerstone of American history since the country’s inception. References to property and its safeguarding are liberally cited in the U.S. Constitution, and countless court cases have centered on property protections.

What is often centrally relevant in property cases is a balancing line between the rights of individual property owners and government authorities. This key question often attaches to that: Where should that line be drawn?

Asset forfeiture: a high-profile, controversial topic in Texas

Few Texans – if any – are more knowledgeable about state and federal laws than Don Willett, who has a singular legal perspective that is impressively integrated and complementary.

Willett is a former Texas Supreme Court Justice who now sits on the federal bench as an appellate court judge. Understandably, his legal acumen is both broad and deep. Willett unsurprisingly holds strong positions on many matters, including the topic of asset forfeiture.

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