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Second Circuit Rules Wealthy Criminal Defendants Cannot Avoid Detention By Relying On Personal Funds To Pay For Self-funded Private Jails While Awaiting Trial

On August 1, 2019, The U.S. Court of Appeals in New York refused to overturn a bail ruling that kept Jean Boustani, a former lead salesman for Abu Dhabi-based shipbuilder Privinvest, detained pending trial. Following Boustani's arrest in January, he was denied bail by a federal magistrate judge.

Conducting internal investigations into wrongdoing

There may be the aspects of your business that increase the risk for allegations of wrongdoing. If your industry is under the control of government restrictions, any hint of impropriety may trigger a federal investigation. 

If you suspect misconduct somewhere in your business  an internal investigation should be conducted. 

FCA whistleblower’s alerting of cybersecurity flaws yields recovery

The details that have emerged recently concerning security flaws in video surveillance software are unquestionably sobering. Arguably, they pertain to a U.S. False Claims Act whistleblower case that seems of heightened seriousness in a universe of wrongdoing that is already marked by an elevated level of misconduct.

James Glenn is a computer expert once employed by the global technology company Cisco Systems Inc. Glenn reportedly discovered what one national news reports notes were “critical security flaws” in the company’s video surveillance software back in 2008.

Foreign Extortion Prevention Act: Proposed House Bill Would Allow DOJ to Indict Foreign Officials Who Solicit Bribes

The Foreign Extortion Prevention Act was introduced in the House of Representatives on August 2, 2019. Similar to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) the proposed bill will criminalize extortion by foreign officials and would allow the DOJ to indict those officials who demand or accept bribes in exchange for fulfilling, neglecting, or violating their official duties.

The focus and effect of U.S. antitrust laws

Playing fair and by the rules has always been an American business mantra, even if the principle isn’t routinely adhered to by all commercial entities.

We underscore that at the proven Houston antitrust law firm of Hilder & Associates. We note on our website that nothing but envy and kudos feature for a company in Texas or elsewhere “that simply garners the market majority by producing the best product.” Conversely, condemnation and a host of legal troubles can arise if it is discovered that market supremacy owed to acts of fraud and cheating.

VA whistleblower protection chief hears complaints, vows change

From fanfare to condemnation to … what exactly?

The federal government has been awash in complaints concerning substandard medical care delivered in VA hospitals in recent years. Agency-directed condemnation has also spotlighted multiple claims by whistleblowers coming forward with fraud allegations that they have been retaliated against rather than listened to.

Counterfeiting carries heavy consequences

Before you purchase a high-end item, such as gems, artwork or electronics, you may take steps to ensure the item is authentic and not a cheap imitation. You may have the item appraised or inspected by someone who recognizes a fraud before you hand over a significant amount of money. You may simply accept the documentation that verifies the authenticity of the item. However, what happens if the documentation is fake?

Selling a knock-off product is a form of fraud, but when the fraud involves documentation, it is another white-collar offense called counterfeiting. Depending on the types of documents and the amount of money involved, the penalties for this crime can be severe and life-changing, especially if the documents relate to the federal government.

What is cybercrime, and how does the federal government view it?

Check it out via three sources (e.g., Google, Webster’s and a textbook) and get three similar yet likely differing responses.

The bottom line: So-called “cybercrime” is a materially and rapidly evolving subset of criminal law that has a somewhat elusive and even slippery feel to it.

FCA whistleblower settlement spotlights key Texas link

Encompass Health Corporation is a big kid on the block when it comes to offering health care services. A recent national article on the company identifies it as "the country's largest inpatient rehabilitation provider," with operating revenue of more than $4 billion last year.

Encompass will now have to skim a bit of that off the top and turn it over to U.S. Department of Justice officials in the wake of a fraud-linked settlement announced last week.

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