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U.S. authorities' tax-fraud probes continuing with force

Tax-focused criminal probes are never back-burner concerns for U.S. authorities, with legions of Americans being readily able to attest to that.

In fact, residents in Texas and elsewhere across the country are routinely targeted and need diligent -- that is, proven and aggressive -- legal representation when they discover they are targeted in a tax-fraud matter.

What are pyramid schemes?

A pyramid scheme gets its name from its structure. They typically start with one person who remains on top of the pyramid. That person, the initial recruiter, then invites a second person make an investment. This investment goes to the first person and the second then has to recruit more people in order to get his or her money back.

The more people the second person can recruit, the larger the potential profit. For example, imagine that the second person had to recruit ten people to stay in, then those ten people each had to recruit ten more, and so on.

Abuse noted as Congress seeks to curtail asset forfeiture powers

Following is the type of hypothetical that has turned into a harrowing reality for a sufficient number of Americans to warrant a close congressional look at one problematic government program and foster some material changes to it.

The proprietor of a small "mom and pop" store -- often something like a family-run pharmacy or neighborhood grocery store -- makes recurrent bank deposits of cash receivables. Those transactions understandably feature money in an amount under $10,000. Notably, anything at or above that threshold triggers IRS reporting requirements under the federal Bank Secrecy Act.

Topping Wells Fargo's wish list: Please, 2017, just go away

Rock and roll lovers of a certain vintage might readily conjure up a particular tune title to encapsulate the shifting realities that have existed for one prominent American bank in recent years.

That song is "Good Times, Bad Times" by rock colossus Led Zeppelin, and it just as assuredly applies to Wells Fargo as it does anything else that can be remotely considered.

Lots of media play as oil-realm securities fraud case kicks off

Of course, not every big-time media story relating to money intrigues in the oil industry will garner the interest of a Texas reader from Houston or elsewhere simply because oil-related energy companies and related subject matters play a big role in the state.

Still, a riveting tale will always attract readers, with the following just happening to feature heavy-hitting principals from the oil industry.

A progressively bigger prosecutorial focus: health care fraud

"[P]utting folks on notice that it's a big deal."

So notes a recent national media piece on clear indications signaling the progressively heightened focus of government regulators and law enforcers -- federal and state -- on probing and prosecuting alleged criminal conduct in the health care realm.

Internal investigations: How they work and impact employees

If a company suspects misconduct on the part of an employee, the company may decide to conduct a corporate internal investigation. An internal investigation looks at many different facets of the company to determine if there are criminal acts taking place.

Internal investigations are usually launched quickly after a complaint is received. The investigation may be launched after an accusation of fraud, for example.

Plenary power, wide-ranging probes: the Texas CID

It's an acronym with clout.

There's just no disputing that, and any Texas resident who is targeted in an investigatory probe being carried out by the state comptrollers' Criminal Investigation Division is going to want to secure proven and aggressive legal assistance from an experienced state criminal defense attorney immediately.

New SEC enforcement official in Texas termed tough, aggressive

The writing is fairly clearly written on the figurative wall concerning what federal regulators want accomplished pursuant to their new appointment of a principal in the agency's Fort Worth Regional Office.

As noted in a recent article discussing the promotion of agency attorney Jessica Magee to her new position as associate director of enforcement for the office, Magee is a "tough, hard-nosed prosecutor type" who will "run through the wall" in pursuit of alleged white collar criminals.

Tax evasion spotlight a strong glare in Credit Suisse matter

Even prior to the strong glare emitted in connection with the recent arrival of an ex-Credit Suisse banker in the United States who says she is fully willing to cooperate with U.S. authorities in a major tax evasion matter, some people were undoubtedly perspiring.

And now that Rugg Meier has arrived and pleaded guilty in a federal court to what a Bloomberg article notes was "conspiring to help Americans hide income and assets from the Internal Revenue Service," those people are likely sweating profusely.

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