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Plea deal reached in investment adviser's embezzlement case

The term "financial crimes" is an umbrella-type designation applied to a wide spectrum of alleged illegal activity primarily marked by allegations of stealing by a well-placed individual with inside resources or information.

Embezzlement is a crime that is often spotlighted as a representative activity in the realm of financial wrongdoing.

What is meant by criminal and civil forfeiture?

Occasionally a shocking tale regarding governmental taking of a citizen's real and/or personal property becomes a prominent story, which, in turn, puts the subject of so-called "forfeiture" in the public eye.

Here are a couple quick examples, which, although hypothetical, have been closely mirrored by real-life cases many times:

Are you ready to blow the whistle on corruption at work?

Becoming a whistleblower in a qui tam case against a current or former employer is not something to be taken lightly. Whistleblowers sometimes can ultimately reap hefty rewards, but the fall-out from these cases can be extreme and life-changing. Below are some negative repercussions you could experience if you blow the whistle on your employer:

An ever-evolving push for higher standards of ethics

Dawnna Dukes faces serious felony criminal charges. If convicted, she could serve to 28 years in jail.

If her name seems familiar, Dukes also happens to be a Texas Democratic state representative. On January 19, a grand jury indicted her on 13 felony counts of tampering with a government record and two misdemeanor counts of abuse of official capacity.

Texas law firm experienced with white collar crime cases

There are a variety of different attorneys in Texas. Each law firm likely has experience with different types of cases. The attorneys at Hilder & Associates, P.C. are dedicated to providing the solutions our clients need when facing allegations of a white collar crime. We are committed to helping our clients fight criminal charges.

The circumstances of each case involve unique accusations. Because of this uniqueness, our attorneys are fully aware that a one-size-fits-all approach to criminal defense is inappropriate and potentially ineffective. We work with each of our clients to fully understand the facts and circumstances surrounding their individual cases.

Man arrested in Texas, suspected of fraud

People in Texas often have high hopes for a business that they start. As such, they purchase supplies and hire employees. Despite their best efforts, many are unable to achieve success. Although it is unclear how authorities determined a man in Texas was not simply unsuccessful at his business, he now faces allegations of fraud, among other charges, after checks he wrote his employees bounced.

Police say that they 42-year-old man falsely claimed that he was a representative of a pipeline company. In that capacity, he allegedly hired several employees -- some estimate 40 -- who were given new hire paperwork and underwent drug tests. These alleged victims claim, however, that the pay and bonus checks they were given bounced despite the work they performed.

Some observations on white collar criminal trials

OK, it was just one trial, and it was a mock event at that, but a Forbes columnist who witnessed the empaneled jury in action as it deliberated concludes that it might be instructive in the post-election environment now upon us and about to formally launch.

Specifically, writer Walter Pavio and a few other more closely placed commentators who offer their opinions in a recent Forbes article think that some juries in white collar criminal trials might start acting a bit differently in the Trump presidential era.

Accused of bribing foreign officials? Here's what to know

Working in another country for your company is a fantastic opportunity, but it can put you in a tight spot if you're asked to speak with foreign officials, like government agents, to help get your company better footing or approval to continue its work there. If you offer an official a bribe, you can be charged in the United States.

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