September indictment alleging fraud unsealed in Texas

There are many criminal cases that involve relatively straightforward accusations. A person is accused of stealing items or causing the death of a person, for example. However, some alleged crimes are complicated. As a result, those accused of certain crimes at the state or federal level in Texas, such as fraud, need the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney to help untangle the accusations against them.

One man who was indicted for several white collar crimes could likely benefit from such assistance. Although indicted on charges of bank fraud and money laundering in addition to conspiring and attempting to commit mail fraud, the indictment against him was only recently unsealed. He is currently in federal custody.

According to prosecutors, the man moved money gained through the misappropriation of theft of government funds into the country. The alleged crimes are said to have taken place between 2006 to 2014. During that time, authorities claim that he knowingly misled bank officials about his sources of income. The indictment also called for the forfeiture of $36 million and the man’s personal jet but does not name a public official who may have benefited from the defendant’s alleged actions.

Because of the complicated nature of fraud charges, having a person who has experience with such cases can help ensure defendants fully understand the different options before them as well as the potential consequences of each option. Regardless of the accusations against the man, he is presumed innocent unless sufficient evidence is provided to prove otherwise. Having a skilled Texas attorney can help ensure that a defendant is treated lawfully through the criminal process.

Source:, “Mission Man Facing Charges for Money Laundering, Bank Fraud”, Nov. 10, 2016