Defending against Ponzi scheme charges: some special considerations

There was a time when many critics of fraud-related criminal sentencing and outcomes derived in civil lawsuits routinely proclaimed that alleged wrongdoers were getting off relatively easily, especially when compared with suspects involved in conduct not related to so-called “white collar” crime.

That time has passed.

We point out on our criminal law website at the Houston law firm of Hilder & Associates, P.C., what is now a widely conceded reality, noting that, “The frequency of prosecutions in this area is increasing and the penalties are severe.”

Indeed, both federal and state criminal law enforcers and civil regulators (the SEC and a number of other agencies) have grown notably aggressive in recent years when it comes to targeting Ponzi schemes and other unlawful white collar activity. Many defendants adjudged guilty have been slapped with draconian outcomes, including life terms in prison. On the civil side, regulators have exacted huge fines and related penalties from alleged wrongdoers.

Given the intense focus on Ponzi schemes and other financial fraud, it is obviously an imperative for any targeted individual or business entity alleged to have engaged in wrongdoing to secure timely and aggressive representation from a proven law firm.

The attorneys at Hilder & Associates routinely advocate on behalf of targeted individuals and enterprises accused of complex fraud schemes. Our attorneys command significant litigation experience in both criminal and civil arenas, and have also conducted firm-driven probes to assess the strengths and weaknesses of fraud allegations.

Financial fraud is a complex matter, with wrongdoing being anything but easily established in every case brought by criminal and/or civil authorities.

Any suspect or defendant having fraud-related questions or needing a strong defense in a fraud matter can receive prompt and candid guidance, as well as zealous representation, from a legal team with a demonstrated record of client advocacy in this complex and challenging area.