Texas housekeeper arrested, accused of credit card fraud

Many people in Texas work hard to be able to support themselves. They make money through a variety of different of occupations. For example, some clean other people’s houses for a paycheck. Unfortunately, one woman may have been unaware that her position as housekeeper would leave her open to credit card fraud charges.

Police claim that they were investigating a case involving debit/credit card abuse. As part of their efforts, they became aware of the alleged victim’s housekeeper. Their investigation apparently revealed that the woman served as a housekeeper for a number of different residents in the area. Despite that connection, it is unclear if any of those residents were also victims of a crime.

Investigators then obtained a warrant to search the 39-year-old woman’s house. They claim they discovered personal documents for several different people as part of their search. While it does not appear that police have evidence that the people are victims of abuse, police are urging the woman’s employers to check their credit card reports and bank accounts.

When a person becomes the victim of a crime, he or she — understandably — demands answers, putting pressure on law enforcement officers to make an arrest. Regardless of the urge for justice, those suspected of a crime have certain rights, including protection from unreasonable searches and seizures. An attorney with experience with fraud and other criminal cases can examine this Texas woman’s case to help determine if there was probable cause to warrant a search and take appropriate action if a search — or any other treatment throughout the criminal process — was unlawful.

Source: kltv.com, “E. Texas housekeeper arrested in credit card fraud, police say ‘check your credit reports’“, Stephanie Frazier, Nov. 16, 2016