Man arrested in Texas, suspected of fraud

People in Texas often have high hopes for a business that they start. As such, they purchase supplies and hire employees. Despite their best efforts, many are unable to achieve success. Although it is unclear how authorities determined a man in Texas was not simply unsuccessful at his business, he now faces allegations of fraud, among other charges, after checks he wrote his employees bounced.

Police say that they 42-year-old man falsely claimed that he was a representative of a pipeline company. In that capacity, he allegedly hired several employees — some estimate 40 — who were given new hire paperwork and underwent drug tests. These alleged victims claim, however, that the pay and bonus checks they were given bounced despite the work they performed.

The man is also accused of housing his employees in an area hotel. Although an employee of the hotel claims that the man was given a special discount because of the number of rooms he used, he is accused of failing to pay for the rooms. He was recently arrested on outstanding warrants. Although police claim they need time to analyze all the evidence, the man faces several other charges as a result of the recent allegations.

Cases involving fraud are often complex, and convictions can have severe consequences. Regardless of the accusations, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in order to obtain a conviction. In some cases, evidence may have been obtained through unlawful means. An attorney in Texas with experience with such cases can take proper action, if necessary, potentially resulting in the exclusion of the evidence in trial, making it difficult for prosecutors to meet the burden of proof demanded by the court.

Source:, “Suspect in Cleveland fraud case being held without bond“, Vanesa Brashier, Dec. 26, 2016