Focus on white collar crime: unique aspects in every case

A news report referencing a seemingly understated event taking place tomorrow in a college lecture hall far from Texas might seem to be testing the bounds of relevancy for its appearance in the criminal defense blog of a Houston-based law firm.

At Hilder & Associates, P.C., though, we submit that the topical focus of that report is equally relevant in all corners of the country, and certainly in Texas, where its subject matter might reasonably be expected to resonate with a sizable audience.

What members of the general public will be privy to tomorrow in a Wisconsin university auditorium are tales related by select inmates who are currently doing prison time following their convictions on various white collar criminal charges.

An immediate point stressed in the above-cited media piece is that every white collar fraud case is unique, with many individuals who are presently behind bars being solid citizens who simply made mistakes. Indeed, research into white collar crimes sometimes notes that convicted offenders were not even aware that they were acting in an unlawful manner when criminal law authorities summarily entered into their lives.

Speaking in advance of the event, one scheduled participant noted to the media that, “We are not bad people, [and] we didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to commit fraud.”

We certainly know that to be the case at Hilder & Associates, where our proven attorneys proudly and diligently assume the important legal role of providing individuals accused of white collar-related fraudulent acts with the defense that they are legally entitled to.

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