Medical fraud case underscores prosecutorial zeal

Many media commentators routinely stress the high-profile nature of fraud investigations involving alleged illegalities regarding Medicare and Medicaid billings.

Indeed, what those writers often note seems well borne out by recurrent stories featuring state and federal regulators’ accusations of health care fraud committed by providers.

And the term “providers” is certainly broad in scope, something we reference on our website at the proven criminal defense law firm of Hilder & Associates, P.C. in Houston. Individuals and entities that often find themselves in the crosshairs of Medicare and Medicaid false-billing probes range broadly from medical facility administrators and doctors to pharmacists, ambulance companies and other health care industry participants.

Medical fraud-based stories with a Texas nexus are far from an anomaly. Indeed, a CBS affiliate from the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area recently reported details related to the alleged involvement of 16 Texans who falsely billed federal programs for approximately $60 million in recent years.

Federal prosecutors say that the defendants submitted legions of false claims for so-called “continuous care hospice services.” Criminal conviction could yield up to a decade-long prison term for each indicted individual, as well as a substantial financial penalty.

It is manifestly clear from many recently reported investigations and indictments that state and federal regulators consider health care fraud a top-tier concern. By all indications, they will readily expend considerable money and resources to file lawsuits and criminally convict fraud suspects.

Every individual and business entity accused of health care fraud has a right — and compelling need — to secure legal counsel. The attorneys at Hilder & Associates intimately know that and proudly assume the role of advocates for clients who need to test the prosecution’s evidence and effectively tell their stories.

Health care fraud details are often complex and unclear, making it manifestly important for every accused person to marshal a strong legal defense.

Our attorneys provide that.