A progressively bigger prosecutorial focus: health care fraud

“[P]utting folks on notice that it’s a big deal.”

So notes a recent national media piece on clear indications signaling the progressively heightened focus of government regulators and law enforcers — federal and state — on probing and prosecuting alleged criminal conduct in the health care realm.

The quote from Crain’s Modern Healthcare comes courtesy of a defense attorney who recently pointed to the creation of a new prosecutorial unit in Chicago as further evidence that health care fraud is a top-tier — and growing — concern for criminal law authorities across the country.

That will certainly come as no surprise to our diverse audience of readers at the Houston criminal defense firm of Hilder & Associates, P.C., given our periodic blog pieces spotlighting the government’s clear focus on alleged wrongdoers in the health care industry.

We noted in our July 12 post entry, for example, that the medical care realm is “a bulls-eye target for the probes of federal and state investigators,” and “an apex concern of government regulators seeking to uncover and severely punish fraud-based behavior.”

As Craig’s duly stresses, that is becoming more apparent all the time, with the recent announcement of a strongly beefed-up prosecutorial presence in Chicago merely highlighting a clearly aggressive government strategy for combating perceived ills in the health care universe.

Law firms that have an in-house team of proven health care fraud-defense attorneys can quickly step forward to provide the knowledgeable and aggressive legal help that individuals and business entities have when targeted as wrongdoers in investigatory probes.

Government actors move resolutely and with formidable power in health care fraud matters. Parties accused of illegal conduct in that sphere need to respond with due dispatch and legal representation that is unflaggingly focused upon a best-case result.