New SEC enforcement official in Texas termed tough, aggressive

The writing is fairly clearly written on the figurative wall concerning what federal regulators want accomplished pursuant to their new appointment of a principal in the agency’s Fort Worth Regional Office.

As noted in a recent article discussing the promotion of agency attorney Jessica Magee to her new position as associate director of enforcement for the office, Magee is a “tough, hard-nosed prosecutor type” who will “run through the wall” in pursuit of alleged white collar criminals.

Magee promises to be busy, given that her fiefdom encompasses all of Texas, as well as Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Reportedly, Magee’s new posting provides strong evidence of an agency attempt to instill what the above-cited article calls “more aggressive leadership” regarding white collar probes, prosecutions and convictions, given her reputation as a hard-charging and no-nonsense administrator.

We have stressed in past select posts that state and federal investigators are unstinting in the time, effort and money they are willing to expend in white collar criminal probes. If you are targeted in a white collar crime investigation, we note on our website at the Houston law firm of Hilder & Associates, P.C., “the government will enlist enormous resources to build a case against you.”

Magee’s promotion and the prominent descriptions of her hard-edged enforcement bent would seem to strongly underscore that point.

Alleged wrongdoers in white collar crime matters need timely and focused legal advocacy, regardless of whether there is strong evidence that they purposefully engaged in criminal acts or whether they were ostensibly unaware of any wrongdoing associated with their behavior.

Proven criminal defense attorneys who routinely work with diverse clientele who have been targeted in white collar enforcement actions are well equipped to provide that assistance and to work diligently toward best-case legal outcomes.