Plenary power, wide-ranging probes: the Texas CID

It’s an acronym with clout.

There’s just no disputing that, and any Texas resident who is targeted in an investigatory probe being carried out by the state comptrollers’ Criminal Investigation Division is going to want to secure proven and aggressive legal assistance from an experienced state criminal defense attorney immediately.

As noted in a recent media report on the Texas CID, the unit’s probes “bear fruit.”

Here’s some evidence of that, in uppercase: Reportedly, criminal indictments were issued for every single one of the felony suspects that the CID brought before Texas grand juries last year.

The focus of the CID — similarly to its federal counterpart, the CI unit and its special agents operating internally at the Internal Revenue Service — is narrow and simply stated, to wit: tax fraud.

Any individual in Texas who is suspected by the CID of avoiding lawful tax duties owed to the government will be targeted for strictest scrutiny by the CID.

And, as noted, the unit is all about obtaining criminal convictions and sending out a broadly public message of deterrence to other inclined wrongdoers.

That the CID is both earnest and muscular is readily evidenced by the 262 cases it filed criminal charges in during the prior fiscal year.

Authorities in Texas tax fraud matters play for keeps, with convictions bringing harsh prison terms, property forfeitures and fines tasked to be paid both state agencies and alleged crime victims.

Unquestionably, suspected tax fraud in Texas will bring a stinging government response. Targeted individuals might reasonably want to secure knowledgeable legal representation without delay.