Texas court with oversight of alleged tax fraud matter

Two material points quickly emerge concerning fraud-based crime in Texas and nationally.

First, the focus and resolve of law enforcers in this criminal realm cannot be questioned. As we duly note on our website at the Houston law firm of Hilder & Associates, “Federal and state governments have made the investigation and criminal prosecution of various frauds a high priority.”

And then there is this: the terrain covered by police agencies and task forces probing fraud matters is impressively broad. Hilder attorneys have provided knowledgeable and aggressive fraud defense to individual and commercial clients facing criminal charges across a wide universe of areas, including these:

  • Health care fraud
  • Insurance fraud
  • Bank/mortgage fraud
  • Internet fraud

And that list is merely a short and representative compilation of matters that we routinely focus upon in the high-profile and heavy-stakes area of fraud prosecution.

Tax fraud is yet another concern — indeed, a huge concern — for any Texas resident who becomes a target in an enforcement probe. Tax authorities — obviously, the IRS, but also state tax officials — are flatly aggressive in their efforts to uncover fraud and punish alleged offenders.

A recent case involving a Killeen CPA readily bears that out. That individual made an initial appearance in a Waco courtroom last week to respond to allegations that he prepared fraudulent tax returns for years. Agents from the Internal Revenue Service state that the accountant created false entries and misstated refund amounts due to clients, pocketing overages for himself.

The CPA pleaded not guilty to 14 criminal charges that were filed against him. His case will now move forward in federal district court.