Relevant considerations concerning federal tax fraud

Criminal fraud defense spans a truly wide universe of alleged misconduct, ranging broadly from client advocacy focused on mortgage, bank and health care fraud to schemes involving the Internet, insurance, the U.S. mail system and more.

Attorneys at the Houston-based Hilder & Associates law firm collectively command many decades of proven and on-point experience defending diverse and valued clients against state and federal fraud charges. We know that clients who come to us for help in fraud-linked matter have sobering concerns.

And for good reason, especially when they are targets in federal criminal matters, where authorities operate with deep budgets and seemingly unlimited resources. Federal fraud convictions carry this singular distinction, too: Sentencing outcomes are often comparatively harsher than they are for similar charges under state law.

A recent national article spotlights one special fraud focus of federal investigators, namely, tax fraud engaged in by individuals and business owners. A key theme of that piece stresses that fraudulent tax-linked behavior is not as sharply investigated by IRS special agents and other law enforcers as it was in previous years. Serious budget cuts now curtail agency powers that were largely unbridled in the past.

Taken on its face, that should largely mean nothing to reflective individuals considering new realities in the tax-fraud-and-investigation realm. Despite being a bit muzzled currently, the IRS still manages to bring many hundreds of tax fraud cases to court each year, with convictions obtained in those matters typically being notably harsh in their details. The above article notes especially that fraud cases involving money laundering and drug trafficking continue to be closely investigated.

A target in any government probe focused on tax-linked misconduct has serious concerns and a compelling need for proven and aggressive legal counsel. Questions or concerns regarding a fraud charge or arrest can be directed to an experienced criminal defense law firm.