Houston jury convicts Texas MD, co-defendant in medical fraud case

The white collar crime universe is both broad and varied. We have stressed that point to readers across Texas and elsewhere in prior blog posts and on our website.

We note on a relevant practice page at Hilder Law Firm that our Houston criminal defense attorneys routinely provide proven and aggressive representation against “a wide variety of allegations” in this highly targeted realm.

As our website underscores, the white collar criminal sphere spans truly broad terrain. It ranges from Ponzi schemes, political corruption and racketeering to securities violations, money laundering and business bribery.

And, of course, no white collar list is remotely conclusive without a prominent listing of fraud schemes, which can be focused on insurance, the Internet, tax matters, mortgages, embezzlement and many other matters.

Health care fraud perhaps reigns supreme in that pantheon of alleged criminal activity. We have stressed prosecutorial zeal in that area in past blog entries. We have also noted that Texas is demonstrated fertile ground for state and federal task forces seeking to uncover and punish medical fraud.

That investigatory ardor was evidenced recently by news chronicling the arrest and conviction of a Texas doctor and ex-hospital administrator on multiple fraud charges. A federal jury in Houston convicted those individuals (a third defendant is still awaiting sentencing) on multiple criminal counts ranging from health care fraud to money laundering in an alleged $20 million scheme. Prosecutors focused keenly on false and inflated treatment billings in the case.

Reportedly, the U.S. Department of Justice Medicare Fraud Strike Force created in 2007 has filed criminal charges against nearly 4,000 individuals accused of medically defrauding the government.