Reviewing examples of healthcare fraud

Healthcare fraud is particularly challenging from a legal standpoint and many medical providers in Texas do not know how to handle these cases when allegations surface. It is important for medical providers to understand the different reasons why these cases arise and at Hilder & Associates, P.C., we know there are many reasons why providers face allegations related to fraud. Moreover, these cases often pose a serious threat to the future of an organization and a medical professional’s entire career. Even when medical providers are wrongly accused of fraud, these cases often shatter their reputation and lead to financial challenges that last for years.

Sometimes, these allegations involve billing. For example, medical providers accused of billing a non-existent patient or sending bills for a treatment that an insurance policy did not cover sometimes find themselves in court. Furthermore, these cases come up when insurance companies are billed for services not rendered or for one service billed twice. Unnecessary services are another reason why many medical providers face allegations of healthcare fraud.

Whether a medical provider is taken to court by an insurance company or the government, the consequences they face are likely very serious. In some instances, medical providers have had to shut down as a result of these allegations, while others survive the case but suffer serious financial setbacks. These charges require close review and a careful approach tailored to the unique needs of those facing charges.

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