Understanding the Texas Whistleblower Act

In Texas, public employees have the right to call attention to illegal conduct without fearing repercussions or retaliation. Texas Whistleblower Act  provides certain protections at the state and federal levels.

How the Texas Whistleblower Act protects public employees

Established in 1983, the Texas Whistleblower Protection Act asserts that your employer may not fire you, demote you, cut your pay or otherwise treat you unfavorably due to your decision to report wrongdoing to law enforcement.

For the act to apply, you must have made your claim in good faith and to an appropriate law enforcement authority.

When the Texas Whistleblower Act applies

The Texas Whistleblower Protection Act applies only to public employees. This typically includes government employees, law enforcement officials and public-school teachers and staff members or in another role that falls within the public, rather than private, sector.