Firm Qui Tam/False Claims Act Relator Aided Government leading to Agreed Judgement of $11 Million

A civil investigation into the Texas Center for Orthopedic and Spinal Disorders commenced after a whistleblower, represented by Hilder & Associates, P.C., filed a Qui-Tam lawsuit alleging that a doctor committed fraud through his clinic. The complaint alleged that doctor Mark Kuper submitted fraudulent claims for physical therapy, psychotherapy, and pain injection services to federal health care programs.

Doctor Kuper and two co-defendants pled guilty to a companion criminal prosecution. Cooper received 10 years in federal prison. In addition to his guilty plea Kuper and his clinic agreed to settle the False Claims Act lawsuit by entering into an agreed upon judgment of over 11 million. The firm’s whistleblower client will receive a share of the government’s recovery.

USDOJ Press Release 

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