CFTC Looking for Whistle blowers in the Commodities and Derivative Markets

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CTFC) is encouraging whistleblowers with knowledge of corrupt practices to step forward and submit an application for a reward. The CFTC will pay monetary rewards for whistleblowers who report successful leads resulting in enforcement action of more that 1$ Million.
Corrupt practices seek to improperly influence officials or agents with kickbacks or bribes. These activities are practices of fraud, manipulation, or false reporting, to name a few. The CTFC seeks to have the following misconduct reported:

• Corrupt practices that impact the prices in commodity markets that drive U.S. derivatives prices or that are used to manipulate benchmarks, such as those that serve as the basis for related derivatives contracts
• Corrupt payments used to secure business in connection with regulated activities like trading, advising, or dealing in swaps or derivatives, paid out of funds investors believed were being used to invest
• Corrupt practices used to misappropriate material nonpublic information that traders would want to know

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