What are the signs of prescription drug fraud?

Prescription drug fraud is the act of obtaining medications or dispensing them under false pretenses. On the part of the drug seeker, the individual may choose to visit multiple doctors until they find one willing to prescribe them the drug he or she wishes. On the supply-side of the issue, some medical facilities are willing to dispense drugs fraudulently for profit.

Overall, prescription drug fraud represents a huge blight on the American health system and costs much in lives and treasure. According to Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, over 15,000 people die from prescription medication overdoses yearly, and overdoses represent 1.2 million emergency room visits across the country every year.

What are the signs of prescription drug fraud on the part of patients?

The biggest tip-off is the mix of medications that the patient has prescriptions for. In the event that somebody has multiple prescriptions for a mix of tranquilizers, opioids and painkillers this may be a sign of prescription drug fraud.

Additionally, many prescription drug addicts will travel to pharmacies very far away from their living area to obtain prescriptions. Usually, pharmacies in the direct area of an addict will start refusing to refill prescriptions if the individual exhibits suspicious behavior.  Prescription drug addicts may also run through medication extremely quickly, such as going through a month’s worth of pills in 2 weeks.

What are the signs of prescription drug fraud on the part of physicians?

Physicians who write multiple prescriptions for opioid drugs at very large volumes may be engaging in prescription drug fraud. Additionally, physicians engaging in prescription drug fraud may also prescribe painkillers and tranquilizers to patients who do not have a diagnosis requiring strong medicines.