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What are financial crimes?

There is a range of different crimes involving money that can be committed in Texas. Each crime can fall under different areas of law. One example is financial crimes. A financial crime, according to the International Compliance Association, involves money and typically someone misusing funds or tricking others into misusing funds with the expressed purpose of making themselves richer. 

Changes to whistleblower protection could be on the horizon

If you notice something suspicious at work, you probably don’t make a beeline to federal agents. You would most likely start by notifying the leadership within your company so they can investigate themselves and solve the issue. This was the decision of one worker who ultimately lost his job after he warned company managers about his supervisor before he reported it to the government.

What is money laundering?

Money laundering is a crime that can have a range of serious consequences. It’s a concern within Texas as well as all over the world, and as a result it’s important to understand the basics to get a good grasp on the types of penalties that may occur if you’ve been charged with this financial crime.

Defending against Ponzi scheme charges: some special considerations

There was a time when many critics of fraud-related criminal sentencing and outcomes derived in civil lawsuits routinely proclaimed that alleged wrongdoers were getting off relatively easily, especially when compared with suspects involved in conduct not related to so-called "white collar" crime.

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