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Defending against Ponzi scheme charges: some special considerations

There was a time when many critics of fraud-related criminal sentencing and outcomes derived in civil lawsuits routinely proclaimed that alleged wrongdoers were getting off relatively easily, especially when compared with suspects involved in conduct not related to so-called "white collar" crime.

RICO: What does this oft-cited acronym stand for, entail?

If you've never had any formal involvement with the criminal justice system, there's a good likelihood that you don't know much about RICO and perhaps have never even heard of it. And, given the singular focus and particulars associated with RICO, there's also a possibility it might draw a blank for you even if you have been targeted in the past for alleged criminal wrongdoing.

Government Prosecution of Physicians Continues in Dallas

A federal indictment has been unsealed alleging kickbacks and bribes of $40 Million in exchange for patient referrals at Forest Park Medical Center ("FPMC") in Dallas. Physicians, surgeons, executives, and others affiliated with FPMC have been charged. In all, 21 were indicted. The Government further alleges that as a result of the bribes, kickbacks, and other inducements, from 2009 to 2013, FPMC billed such patients' insurance plans and governmental programs, including Medicare and Medicaid, well over half a billion dollars and collected over $200 million in claims.

Texas housekeeper arrested, accused of credit card fraud

Many people in Texas work hard to be able to support themselves. They make money through a variety of different of occupations. For example, some clean other people's houses for a paycheck. Unfortunately, one woman may have been unaware that her position as housekeeper would leave her open to credit card fraud charges.

The most common types of white collar crime

Being accused and formally charged with a white collar crime can be devastating for an individual's reputation and career. These crimes typically involve accusations of deceit for the purposes of financial gain. Most white collar crimes fall under the following categories: embezzlement, fraud, money laundering and tax evasion. Let's take a look at these categories in more detail.

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