Money laundering considerations, consequences in Texas

Laws addressing the crime of money laundering are both diverse and complex. We duly note on our website at the long-tenured Houston criminal defense law firm of Hilder & Associates that “money laundering charges are complicated to prove and vary by court and judge.”

There is an instructive takeaway in that declaration, namely this: Any individual who is arrested and criminally charged with a money laundering offense in Texas might reasonably want to timely contact a legal team with proven acumen regarding the subject matter.

One reason why a defendant would understandably want to secure truly experienced advocacy when facing such a charge relates to the potentially serious outcome in any given case. “Money laundering is a serious crime in Texas” stresses one online in-depth overview of the subject. That assessment is clearly evidenced by the stark penalties and sentences underscored in the state’s relevant statutory law, which can be gleaned via the immediately preceding link.

There is this, too: State and federal money laundering laws hardly work in mirrored and lockstep fashion; in fact, they are often quite different concerning their definitions and proof requirements. An attorney with an adequate grasp of state money laundering law might flatly lack knowledge of federal edicts and outcomes, and vice versa. That is yet another compelling reason for an individual targeted in a criminal probe to obtain broadly knowledgeable legal counsel to defend against a laundering charge.

Prosecutors must satisfy all proof requirements to make a money laundering case, regardless whether a matter proceeds under state or federal law. A proven defense team will work diligently to ensure that they do, making strong efforts to secure optimal outcomes in every case handled.