Crisis Management Lawyers Houston

A criminal investigation or the prosecution of an organization is a crisis. How the organization deliberately manages that crisis, either from its inception or anticipatorily, may determine whether the organization survives. In the face of a crisis, management that takes impetuous, retaliatory measures against affected employees exposes the organization to defections and leaks. Solid employees, faced by a hostile work environment and a federal investigation, may simply abandon ship. Providing competent counsel to affected employees by a white collar criminal matter is one way to avoid the risk of flight and promote cooperation.

Helping You Navigate A Complex Situation

An attorney may provide a sort of sanctuary to employees from the stress of dealing with assertive federal prosecutors and agents. Additionally, an attorney can explain the oftentimes slow process of white collar investigations, negotiate with government, and advise employees of their rights. A steady hand and legal knowledge in this area are critical for ensuring that an investigation runs accurately and smoothly.

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