Drug Trafficking Lawyers in Houston

Formerly with the U.S. Department of Justice Presidential Drug Task Force, Philip Hilder, of Hilder & Associates, P.C.,understands the complexities associated with federal drug smuggling charges and the resulting asset forfeitures usually related to such proceedings.

Drug trafficking cases involve the manufacturing, importation, possession and distribution of controlled substances. Although many drugs are considered controlled substances, in general, prosecutions focus on cocaine, marijuana, heroin and methamphetamine. Depending on the quantity of drugs and other circumstances, these cases may be prosecuted at the federal or state level.

Comprehensive Defense Representation

A conviction for drug trafficking often carries severe penalties. Thus, a defendant must fully defend her case at each phase, from arrest to sentencing.

One critical component is for counsel to carefully monitor the government’s conduct for abuses of the defendant’s constitutional rights. A defendant has certain rights involving the legality of searches, the government’s use of statements, rights to counsel and trial rights. Although the majority of drug trafficking cases result in a plea, a defendant must be advised of the evidence and law.

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Additionally, since trafficking cases often involve conspiracy, fraud, money laundering and border issues, it may be necessary to seek counsel experienced in complex criminal cases. Hilder & Associates, P.C., has consistently and diligently represented defendants accused of committing these complex white collar crimes. Please email or call 713-234-1416 to reach a skilled attorney at our firm.