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Laws regulating political fundraising and campaigning can be exceedingly complex and restrictive. Not only are there various rules dictating the amount of money a person may donate, but also restrictions on who may pick up the dinner check or whether a candidate can accept a birthday gift.

Under such a regime, a politician’s innocent conduct can be misunderstood and investigated for wrongdoing. A simple failure to disclose a donation could be misconstrued as bribery or misappropriation of election funds. Seeking counsel that is experienced in representing federal and state politicians under investigation is always critical, but it is also a good idea for candidates and elected officials to better understand the ground rules beforehand.

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At Hilder & Associates, P.C., we have represented prominent officials at the national and state levels. Our attorneys have represented public officials and other individuals accused of political corruption and other white collar criminal offenses. These cases have included alleged conspiracy, misappropriation of funds, bribery, kickbacks, campaign finance violations, extortion and government contract fraud. We have also have been trusted by presidential and congressional campaigns to ensure voter protections and voter rights in Texas.

We have represented government officials on all levels, federal, state and local. Our clients include judges, law enforcement officials and politicians.

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