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Legislation passed under the Reform and Consumer Protection Act allows a whistleblower who voluntarily provides information to the SEC that leads to a recovery of $1 million or more, up to 30 percent recovery of the amount collected. Under the statute, a whistleblower is an individual who provides original information relating to a violation of either securities or commodities trading laws that: (1) derive from independent knowledge or analysis, (2) not previously known to the Agency and (3) not derived from public information.

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Successfully Handled High-Profile Cases

Our lawyers have represented some of the most high-profile whistleblower cases in Texas and the nation in recent years, including Sherron Watkins, the whistleblower who first brought to light corporate malfeasance at Enron.

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Reporting fraud should be rewarding, not punitive. As a whistleblower, you have rights. Rights that we will protect with dedication and diligence. For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a SEC CFTC Fraud case, please contact us. Call us toll-free at 888-659-8742 or locally at 713-234-1416.