Procurement Fraud Lawyers Houston

The United States government enters into more contracts to purchase goods than any other entity in the world. Whether the contract is for military aircraft or emergency beds for hurricane survivors, the federal government spends more than $300 billion per year in procuring goods.

Increasingly, contract disputes with the federal government are resulting in criminal charges, specifically, as they relate to procurement fraud allegations levied against contractors and employees who work for government contractors.

A Wealth Of Knowledge And Experience On Your Side

Hilder & Associates, P.C., has a reputation for comprehensive white collar criminal defense. Our experience includes working in the U.S. Justice Department as federal prosecutors, and we use the knowledge and skills gleaned from that role to defend contractors and individual employees who are accused of procurement fraud.

In addition to criminal defense, our team of attorneys is experienced in conducting internal investigations well in advance of government investigators to determine whether procurement fraud has taken place and to help contractors institute safeguards ensuring that operations are conducted within the scope of federal law to avoid such allegations in the future.

Our firm also represents contractors by responding to subpoenas and investigations conducted by the Department of Justice, as well as handling any associated grand jury investigations, plea bargains or trials.

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