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At Hilder & Associates, P.C., we have experience in representing both sides of insurance fraud claims. For insurance companies, we handle the investigation and prosecution. For individuals or groups accusing their provider of wrongdoing, we are diligent and detail-driven. That background litigating on both sides of the courtroom gives us the unique insight you need when so much is at stake.

Advocacy On Either Side Of The Case

An insurance beneficiary may commit insurance fraud by making a false statement to obtain some insurance benefit or advantage to which the beneficiary is not otherwise entitled. The alleged fraud could involve something serious, like arson or a staged car accident. At times, the alleged conduct could be more minor, involving a mistake in calculating loss from a flood.

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Insurance fraud may also be perpetuated by the insurer. The FBI estimates that $40 billion is misappropriated annually through several insurance-related schemes, including premium diversion (collecting premiums but not providing the sums to the underwriter); not paying valid claims; fee churning (the repeated taking of commissions for reinsurance agreements that reduce the premium to nil); and misappropriation of workers compensation insurance.

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Defending an alleged insurance fraud scheme is a complicated task, requiring attorneys who understand the nuances of white collar criminal defense. The experienced lawyers at Hilder & Associates, P.C., have the needed knowledge to create a strong defense for your case. To reach one of these skilled attorneys, please email us or call us toll-free at 888-659-8742 or locally at 713-234-1416.