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Billing manipulation cited in prominent Medicare fraud litigation

This blog and other legal resources across the country have duly pointed out to readers for some time that the spotlighting and subsequent prosecution of fraud has been a top-shelf -- and progressively expanding -- focus of regulators in Texas and nationally for the past several years.

6 points to consider regarding healthcare fraud

Healthcare fraud charges are very serious. These charges often come after lengthy and comprehensive investigations. People who are facing healthcare fraud charges must be ready to work hard on a defense. While this won't guarantee you a positive result, it does give you the best chance possible to have an outcome with minimized impacts on your life. Consider these points if you are facing charges for healthcare fraud. 

Is clock now ticking for FATCA offshore tax fraud law?

Any Texas resident who regularly reads business-related and legal news stories knows well -- and, indeed, is routinely reminded by a steady stream of reports -- that white collar criminal offenses and financial crimes generally are a top-shelf concern for law enforcers and prosecutors.

Legal team in health care fraud case cites mitigating factors

If every criminal law matter in Texas and nationally was as clear cut and straightforward as police and prosecutors often contend is the case, there would seemingly be little need for a defendant to offer up a defense. In lieu of contesting the state's evidence and pointing out alleged defects in arguments geared toward sending a defendant to prison, that individual -- and all other similarly situated persons -- could simplify and expedite the process by simply accepting the outcome demanded by criminal authorities.

Anomaly, yes, but reality, too: the enigma of false confessions

You did it. You know you did it and, moreover, you're aware that we know you did it. You failed a polygraph test (so we say, but that's not actually true). We have witnesses willing to offer testimony against you (well, maybe we don't, but you can't know that).

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