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Abuse noted as Congress seeks to curtail asset forfeiture powers

Following is the type of hypothetical that has turned into a harrowing reality for a sufficient number of Americans to warrant a close congressional look at one problematic government program and foster some material changes to it.

Internal investigations: How they work and impact employees

If a company suspects misconduct on the part of an employee, the company may decide to conduct a corporate internal investigation. An internal investigation looks at many different facets of the company to determine if there are criminal acts taking place.

Why an attorney is needed when responding to subpoenas

You may see it in movies or crime dramas on television. A group of FBI agents descends upon a person’s business or office. One agent hands the business owner  a warrant in some type of envelope, then the agents proceed to haul away boxes of documents, computers and even servers,  all while the stunned business owner stands helplessly by.

America's most hated man awaits jury verdict

Is Martin Shkreli “the most hated man in America” because he is a misunderstood man who increased the price of an HIV drug, or because he intentionally deceived investors and ran his companies like Ponzi schemes? These are essentially the questions jurors in a Brooklyn, New York federal court are deciding this week after hearing closing arguments on Monday.

Could 'all cash' real estate purchases be suspicious activities?

Home renovation shows, particularly those describing how real estate investors buy distressed properties in cash before fixing them are quite popular. In fact, they have arguably inspired a wave of “flipping” that has coincided with the housing market resurgence.

Understanding the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

If you have made payments to government officials in other countries and are now being investigated, you may be in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977. While not all payments or entities are bound by the act, it's a good idea to understand what it is and what it aims to protect.

Commentary: white collar crime focus unrelenting

Given all the recent media headlines and attendant copy churned out regarding a U.S. Department of Justice focus on shored-up enforcement and application of so-called mandatory minimum sentencing rules in criminal cases, the DOJ's predominant crime-fighting emphasis going forward seems clear enough.

Focus on white collar crime: unique aspects in every case

A news report referencing a seemingly understated event taking place tomorrow in a college lecture hall far from Texas might seem to be testing the bounds of relevancy for its appearance in the criminal defense blog of a Houston-based law firm.

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