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Supreme Court: Here's your clarification on whistleblower reporting.

The 2010 Dodd-Frank legislation that materially revamped securities law -- especially whistleblowers' role in reporting it and sharing in recoveries -- has always been a lightning rod for contention and debate. As we noted in our February 26 blog entry, the legislation "continues to incite passions and commentary even today."

False Claims Act litigation yields penalty for defense company

We referenced so-called "qui tam" lawsuits (cases filed by plaintiffs on behalf of both those individuals and the government) under the U.S. False Claims Act in a prior blog post. We noted in our January 24 entry that such claims, which target fraud against the federal government, apply to "a gamut of schemes" focused upon all manner of industries and concerns.

What are some common types of health care fraud?

Health care fraud is a growing concern in the medical community. According to Microsoft in Health, the health care industry loses to fraud, waste and abuse more than 455 billion dollars each year. Most medical and health care providers in the Houston area are ethical and honest. However, some are not. There are many factors that lead to medical facilities and their personnel violating local and federal laws and health care regulations. 

Common types of health care fraud

When people think of white collar crime, they often think of giant embezzlement schemes, computer fraud or even insider trading. Another type of white collar crime is health care fraud. In some cases, health care providers, such as doctors, file fraudulent insurance claims on patients in order to collect more income. In other cases, individual health care consumers commit health care fraud.

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