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Can you avoid infringing on another's copyright?

Part of protecting your organization's success in Texas is to guarantee that you practice integrity and ethical conduct no matter what the circumstances are. One of the most important things you can do is to pay close attention to copyright laws to avoid infringing on someone else's copyright. Failure to do so could result in costly consequences, damage your reputation and cost you the success of your company. Fortunately, there are proactive steps you can take to prevent infringement and give credit to the people who deserve it. 

How changes in recent law impact corruption charges

The law is fluid. It evolves and changes due to the impact of various mechanisms. Examples include the passage of new laws and rulings by the judiciary. One specific area of law that has evolved in recent years involves the handling of allegations of corruption.

Houston-area family duped, buys $2,000 fake World Series tickets

The Houston Astros won last night's game against the Los Angeles Dodgers to take a two games to one lead in the World Series. A Spring family that had hoped to be at Minute Maid Park to watch the game shelled out $2,000 for four tickets -- but found out at the gate that the tickets were counterfeit.

Dealing with a grand jury: Avoid unexpected pitfalls

With a grand jury, it might sound like you'll get a fair shot at avoiding an indictment or criminal charges. But any time a grand jury is convened, it's typically not a good sign. Grand juries can be unpredictable and you must be cautious in how you act and represent yourself during grand jury proceedings.

Abuse noted as Congress seeks to curtail asset forfeiture powers

Following is the type of hypothetical that has turned into a harrowing reality for a sufficient number of Americans to warrant a close congressional look at one problematic government program and foster some material changes to it.

Internal investigations: How they work and impact employees

If a company suspects misconduct on the part of an employee, the company may decide to conduct a corporate internal investigation. An internal investigation looks at many different facets of the company to determine if there are criminal acts taking place.

Why an attorney is needed when responding to subpoenas

You may see it in movies or crime dramas on television. A group of FBI agents descends upon a person’s business or office. One agent hands the business owner  a warrant in some type of envelope, then the agents proceed to haul away boxes of documents, computers and even servers,  all while the stunned business owner stands helplessly by.

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